The primary benefits of Ozmedia Insider


Access influential media you would otherwise struggle to reach

Being able to get your messages to relevant media isn’t easy. Journalists are hard to access at the best of times, and with GFC enforced layoffs, the journo’s who still have jobs are doing the work of two or three people. They’re time poor, so you need to know how to approach them and how to pitch your content in a way that is relevant to their audiences. OzMedia Insider does it for you.


You become a ‘thought leader’!

By positioning you as a “credible source” to journalists, and by way of the fact The Insider gives you ‘category exclusivity’, you become what we call in the trade a “thought leader” which simply means, an authority in your field.  Journalists need thought leaders to give credibility and flavour to their stories and they generally prefer to use more than one per story.


A very cost-effective way to promote your brand

OzMedia Insider offers merchants a far cheaper and more effective alternative to advertising and standard public relations services. For a fraction of the cost of the average monthly PR retainer ($12,400 per month in Australia as at October 2014 according to the PR Institute of Australia) OzMedia Insider creates meaningful and engaging stories each month about your brand and shares them with a large and influential media database.


You have a direct ‘pipeline’ to the media

There’s no publicist “middleman” with what we do. OzMedia Insider puts you and your business in contact with a large media database, which we encourage to contact you directly. With regular contact, you will develop solid relationships with key journalists.


Much greater likelihood of getting publicity!

Press releases don’t work for a number of reasons and ‘content marketing’ (or story telling) is, in many professional’s opinions, the most powerful way for a brand to communicate with its market. We bring more than 50 years PR experience to the table and have created a product that makes a journalist’s job a whole lot easier. OzMedia Insider eliminates the pet hates associated with media releases and communiqués from publicists, by presenting content that is relevant to the journalists’ audiences, and, is presented in a manner that is very “user-friendly”.


You can get publicity from another merchant’s story

That’s an advantage to your business because one of the drawbacks of a media release is that it generally promotes only the one brand. OzMedia Insider provides the media with a wide variety of sources from which to draw quotes and comments. It eliminates the perception that it is ‘advertorial’ content and increases your chances of inclusion in stories, whilst still giving you ‘category exclusivity’.


You get ‘category exclusivity’

OzMedia Insider gives its merchants exclusivity in respect of the category within which they operate. Meaning, there is no ‘direct’ competition for the media’s attention. Each merchant compliments the others rather than competing with them.


Eliminates the competition!

By offering category exclusivity and a limited number of positions within each edition, OzMedia Insider effectively eliminates your competition. One spot per category ONLY means that the media will quickly get to know your brand above and beyond all your competitors’.

How does it work?

The work is done for you

We do all the heavy lifting. The relationship between our team and the merchants is seamless, stress-free and enjoyable. We help you understand what makes a good story and work with you each month to create the “hook” (angle for the media) and then we write the story. Simple! We will send our professional photographer out to your business to take a photo for each month’s story too!

Learn how easy it is to get PUBLICITY and become a thought leader in your industry with OzMedia Insider.

Why does publicity work? provides a very good definition of publicity: ‘Type of promotion that relies on public relations effect of a news story carried usually free by mass media. The main objective of publicity is not sales promotion but creation of an image through editorial or ‘independent source’ commentary…’

And therein lies the answer to the question. Publicity works because people receiving the information generally believe it to be researched and therefore, “objective”.

The media provides ‘news’ and general information that has merit and is of value to its audiences. Otherwise, it would be advertising.


Publicity is therefore more impactful than any other type of mass communication because it is independently sourced, at least perceptually, rather than paid for.

Why is Ozmedia Insider a revelation?

Not all journalists are the same. But that said, there are many common “annoyances” when it comes to media releases and being contacted by publicists and businesses.


We invited a multitude of journalists from many different media outlets (across print and electronic media) to tell us what they hate about conventional press releases and publicity AND we invited them to explain how they like to receive their information.

Basically, we wanted to know what we could do, to create a content delivery system that ticked all the boxes for journalists and in doing so, made their lives considerably easier.

Unlike any other publicity platform, OzMedia Insider delivers the media content in the format, style and measure, it wants. At the same time, it opens the channels between the merchants themselves, and the media outlets, encouraging them to engage directly. I know right?! This totally goes against the grain of conventional PR practices!