Q:  How did THE OZMEDIA INSIDER come about?

A:  We invited 40 journalists from Australia and a few from overseas, to tell us all the things that irk them about press releases and receiving information from publicists and businesses?

OZMEDIA INSIDER is the brainchild of a publicist with more than 26 years experience, who long ago recognised, that things needed to be done a better way if businesses wanted to build long-term relationships with the media and positively promote their brands.

Q:  Who receives it?

A:  Knowing what the journalists hate helped us to create something they want!  OZMEDIA INSIDER goes out to senior journalists, Executive Producers, Producers, News Directors, Editors and Chiefs of Staff.  It goes to journalists that businesses generally, cannot access as well as those in the digital space. Depending upon the industry sector, each edition of OZMEDIA INSIDER is freely provided to at least 150 people in the media relevant to the industry within which the merchants operate, as well as national and general metropolitan media.

Q:  Why do journalists want to receive OZMEDIA INSIDER?

A:  Because it presents professionally written, newsworthy content, in a style, format and manner they like!  Because it provides a variety of credible sources and thought leaders with the appropriate contact details for key personnel, allowing the media to go “directly to the source” with ease and without restriction or impediment.  And because it is written to be ‘relevant’ and ‘informative’ – we do the “heavy lifting” for them.  Best of all, it’s provided to them free-of-charge.

Q:  Is it easy to become involved?

A:  It certainly is!

Simply go to the website www.ozmediainsider.com.au click on the ‘new member’ button, complete the application and fill in the direct debit form. If accepted, a member of our team will be appointed to your business and will contact you to glean an understanding of your business, and, to explain what we are looking for each month in respect of the creation of engaging stories with interesting “hooks” (angles). 

Q:  I have a publicist; can’t they do this?

A:  Not really and here's why... There are many significant advantages to our product, not least of which, is the fact we deliberately provide the media with a wide array of newsworthy content that doesn’t simply promote any one brand.  We have a symbiotic relationship with the media, whereas your publicist is generally only spruiking the one brand – yours – which makes everything they do, subjective and advertorially-motivated. 

Furthermore, a great deal of research has gone into the creation of OZMEDIA INSIDER which presents its content in a very relevant and engaging manner, that satisfies the broad gambit of journalistic requirements, when it comes to content submission.

That said, there’s no need to drop your publicist if you have one (unless they’re not delivering value of course); OZMEDIA INSIDER compliments and supports anything they do.  In fact it enhances it, so we're very happy to work with them to maximise the results for you!

Q:  What if I want to make a special announcement in addition to my monthly story?

A:  We’re happy to write and distribute one additional announcement each year free of charge.  Any further announcements can be made for a nominal fee.

Q:  What is the contractual term?

A:  12 months.  Remember, we offer category exclusivity to our merchants, so it’s important to understand that once involved, it is very unlikely any merchant will want to opt out.  If you don’t seize the opportunity immediately, it’s a fair bet one of your competitors will and if you miss out, you will have to join our ‘wait list’ in order to gain admission (if possible) in the future.


A:  By being lucky enough to be a thought leader with OZMEDIA INSIDER you get the following benefits every month:

  • Category exclusivity; making you & your brand the “go to” voice/thought leader with the media.
  • Your own dedicated expert publicist/journalist who will generate and write a monthly story about your business of between 600 – 750 words.
  • Professional photos that are yours to use as you see fit.  We include one different one each month, but you will be given all 12 from the outset.
  • Ongoing contact with your publicist/journalist to help you identify key angles, opportunities and “hooks” for interesting and engaging stories. We also comb the internet looking for relevant angles both locally and overseas that we can plug you into.
  • The ability to use and promote your monthly stories for your own marketing purposes, potentially enhancing your SEO.
  • Your website link, high res logo and relevant headline supporting every story.
  • A list of your key personnel (up to 5) and their contact details in every edition – helping forge strong relationships with key media.
  • Access to a media database of high level and influential people relevant to your industry and business, who receive this amazing product for free.
  • The ability to create and distribute video stories (for an additional fee) to the media; and
  • The opportunity to submit additional written stories to the media database or sections of it.