OzMedia Insider is the brainchild of Nic Karandonis, a publicist and copywriter with more than 26 years industry experience.

Dealing with journalists all his working life, he recently recognised that almost all of them are unhappy with the way the vast majority of publicists and companies share news.  The good old press release is going the way of the dinosaur for a number of reasons and the growing frustration amongst the media as to how they are being “talked to” is often counter productive to a brand’s chances of receiving favourable publicity.

Nic pioneered ‘performance-based’ publicity in Australia in 1996/97 recognising that companies were tiring of paying monthly fees without any certainty of result.  The ROI simply wasn’t there for most of them and with the average monthly PR retainer in Australia is approaching $15,000 (as at October 2016)* and journalists struggling with increasing workloads as media outlets reduce labour forces in response to diminishing advertising revenues, there was a new need to innovate and deliver a better way of communicating with the media.  After an extensive study of what (and how) journalists like to receive, when it comes to content, Nic reverse-engineered the humble (and failing) media release and created something that ticks all the boxes for both the media, and the merchants wanting to speak with journalists.

Our team is second-to-none and comprises current and ex-journalists and publicists with a wealth of experience, each of them understanding of the challenges and complexities faced by conventional and digital media outlets. 

The OzMedia Insider really is a ‘game changer’.  Yeah we agree, there are far too many people throwing that term around, but ours is quite literally a business model that is revolutionising how content is created, managed and delivered to the media, ensuring a much greater likelihood of publicity; in a manner that builds a pipeline between journalists and merchants.  Basically we're intent on ‘killing off’ the press release!

We are story tellers, but we’re not the creators of stories.  Our clients are.  We simply help them shape and share their stories, in the most suitable way with the media, which in turn amplifies them to a wider audience.  Publicity really works to create awareness, build brands and increase sales, but it isn’t readily generated by conventional means anymore.  We know exactly what the media wants, because we were brave enough to ask.  We invite you to ask us how we can help your brand cut through the white noise and establish itself within the hearts and minds of journalists that matter to it.

*source: PR Institute of Australia