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Publicity is a powerful way of creating brand awareness and procuring new clients.

OzMedia Insider is a pipeline between a huge array of media outlets and Australia’s thought leaders.  Boasting incredibly extensive media data bases and knowing the secrets as to how to present stories to them, it helps get well presented, newsworthy content to the right eyes and ears of national & major metropolitan media (conventional & digital) in the most accessible and user-friendly format. 

Industry sector by industry sector, OzMedia Insider delivers the freshest, most newsworthy content from a selection of the country’s most influential professionals.

Category exclusivity is granted to each member ensuring the content is unique, and most importantly ‘relevant’ to the media who receives it, and in the process, positioning every OzMedia member as the thought leader, within their industry.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and claim the hill, then The Cosmetic Insider is the platform from which to do it! 

The media loves a spokesperson; it relies upon ‘sources’ to add flavour, cache and credibility to stories, particularly when it comes to aesthetic improvement, anti-ageing and surgical trends.  More and more, media outlets are seeking qualified opinions from experts in support of an ever-increasing array of topics and subject matter.  There is growing global acceptance of cosmetic enhancements and procedures to rejuvenate, hold back the ageing process and to beautify oneself.  It’s a dynamic and popular field.  So how do you create ‘cut through’ (pardon the pun!) and stand out from your peers in such a competitive space, creating the perception amongst the broader public that YOU are the best in your field?  Simple, you become a part of The Cosmetic Insider. 

The benefits of being acknowledged by the media as an “expert” are many and undeniable.  Perception is nine-tenths of the law ladies and gentlemen, and the media is the largest influencer of public perception there is.

Access to Oz Media Insider is by invitation only, so we invite you to complete the short Enquiry Form and nominate which category(ies) you’re interested in? Be as specific as you can and please note, you may not sign up for any more than 2 categories in our cosmetic title. Choose wisely and don’t delay, because if you miss out now, you may never get another opportunity to be a part of the most unique and innovative media content delivery system ever created!  Yes, we’re very confident.  

We look forward to hearing from you.