It’s A Revolution – Because They Get People’s Attention!

It’s A Revolution – Because They Get People’s Attention!
Nic Karandonis

If you’re still using press releases…STOP!  They don’t work.

Do you know the Top 20 ‘pet hates’ of your garden-variety journalist when it comes to press releases?

You should, because they’re very real; and you stand next to no chance of getting favourable publicity without knowing what they are!

We asked more than 40 Australian journalists (as well as a few from London,  New York and Florida) to tell us what annoys them when being contacted by a publicist or merchant? And after processing a huge amount of anecdotal information – journo’s really have a great deal to say on the subject! - we know the secret formula; which boxes to tick (and what NOT to do) when generating publicity.  We call it OzMedia Insider.

OzMedia Insider offers you a simple, effective way to communicate stories to pre-qualified mainstream and digital media and inlfuencers relevant to your industry; wanting to hear from thought leaders like you!

We create and write the content on your behalf and distribute it free to journalists and media outlets in the format and style they prefer.

Once a month, we write an engaging newsworthy story about your business that includes all of your key contact details and website link, as well as a fresh photo and high res logo, all of which in combination, provides a powerful brand builder for your business, to a media database of at least 150+ influential people. 

Publicity is proven to be more impactful than advertising and generally speaking, considerably cheaper.  And with OzMedia Insider, it’s even more cost-effective.  The PR Institute of Australia says that the average monthly PR retainer is $12,461 (source: PR Institute as at 2014) That’s crazy! We offer a much more targeted product in a format and style journalists love, for a fraction of the cost of a PR retainer!

OzMedia Insider builds a pipeline between your business and the media. In fact, we bring the media directly to you! 

“We have a commitment to reduce the number of press releases by half this year, and I want them gone by 2015.  That’s our goal!”

- Ashley Brown, Global Head of Digital Communications & Social Media at Coca Cola (2014).

Why don’t they work Ashley?

“Press releases aren’t irrelevant; the way we write them is irrelevant.”

“They’re full of buzzwords and jargon and most reporters would attest that what they receive in press releases, often don’t (sic) make a lot of sense.”

We know Ashley’s right because we’ve done the research!  If a multinational like Coca Cola has abandoned the press release, it’s a pretty good indicator that it’s time to change the conventional way of doing things.

OzMedia Insider presents content that is newsworthy and most importantly, provided in a manner, format and style that journalists really appreciate – it’s our 11 secret herbs & spices if you will – and we don’t harangue or irritate them with needless follow up calls and emails asking; ‘are you going to run my story?’ – because they HATE that by the way!

We build and strengthen the media’s perception of our merchants as ‘thought leaders’ and industry spokespeople that they will seek out regularly for comments and stories. 

Each merchant in OzMedia Insider enjoys the benefits of category exclusivity* which helps to truly position the merchant as the “go-to” source for information with the media.

Be a part of the revolution, the overthrow of the press release and the conventional way of communicating with the media, because they simply no longer work.

* some merchants may be included in more than one category at our discretion.